I’m a Salesforce Certified Administrator, Pardot Certified Specialist , Instructional Designer, and WordPress Web Developer. I consult with businesses and organizations looking to streamline their web based sales and marketing operations.

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A Pardot Glossary With Animated GIFS – Part 1

The Pardot website already has a glossary with definitions for the important Pardot terms.  Being familiar with these terms will help you differentiate between a “Grade” and a “Score”.  I’m taking the Glossary one step further and adding some animated GIFs alongside the definition of the term.  Perhaps this will be especially useful for all […]

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Marketing Content Inventory for Pardot

What is a Marketing Content Inventory? First of all, good of you for reading this article.  Even exploring the idea of doing a content inventory puts you way ahead in the marketing game.  A marketing content inventory is catalog of all the marketing content you have developed.  It’s usually done in a spreadsheet format.  For […]

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How to Verify a Salesforce Credential

My days of having my driver’s license scrutinized by the grocery store clerk to check for authenticity of my birth date are behind me.  Occasionally they will scan my license into the POS system and verify it that way.  I think it’s more an act of habit, than someone actually thinking I’m a 19 year […]

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