Salesforce Validation Rules for Email Domain

What are Validation Rules? It’s important to keep the data you collect in your CRM clean and consistent. One of the ways of ensuring consistent and valid information is through the use of a validation rule . A validation rule is rule on a field that verifies that the field meets certain criteria and prevents […]

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Relationships Between Acounts – Custom Object Solution

I’ve created a video that demonstrates how to create a custom object that can be used to represent relationships between accounts. This is specifically for account to account relationships, rather than a relationship where the same contact is associated with multiple accounts. This is also different than the Partners object which allows for creating a […]

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Report on Average Deal Size

It’s important to know the total size of your pipeline and the individual deal size. It’s also useful to look at the average deal size of your opportunities. You can report on the overall average size of deals in the pipeline, but it’s probably more helpful to drill down by opportunity product, owner, or region. […]

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A Pardot Glossary With Animated GIFS – Part 1

The Pardot website already has a glossary with definitions for the important Pardot terms.  Being familiar with these terms will help you differentiate between a “Grade” and a “Score”.  I’m taking the Glossary one step further and adding some animated GIFs alongside the definition of the term.  Perhaps this will be especially useful for all […]

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Marketing Content Inventory for Pardot
marketing content inventory

What is a Marketing Content Inventory? First of all, good of you for reading this article.  Even exploring the idea of doing a content inventory puts you way ahead in the marketing game.  A marketing content inventory is catalog of all the marketing content you have developed.  It’s usually done in a spreadsheet format.  For […]

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How to Verify a Salesforce Credential
salesforce credential verification

My days of having my driver’s license scrutinized by the grocery store clerk to check for authenticity of my birth date are behind me.  Occasionally they will scan my license into the POS system and verify it that way.  I think it’s more an act of habit, than someone actually thinking I’m a 19 year […]

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Square Appointments – Online Booking Law Office

We recently installed the Square Appointments application on The Cline Law Group website to allow for web visitors to easily book an appointment. Before Square The Cline Law Group is a bankruptcy law firm in Oakland, CA.  The firm uses Google Calendar to manage the attorney calendars and court date calendars.  Before Square Appointments, prospective […]

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Topical Halloween Costumes for 2015
gender neutral building set

The Spirit Halloween Stores are staffing up and the factories that make those fake spider webs are in full production!  My favorite type of Halloween costume is on the reflects the zeitgeist of the time.  Think the “Monica Lewinsky” costume of 1998 or the Fireman costume of 2011.  These costumes probably can’t be recycled, but […]

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Secret Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

  I am a Gmail Power User and I actively drop the fact that I had a Gmail address back in the day when you needed a special invitation.  I move like a jaguar through the screens, settings and labels.  My stealth skills are mostly due to using keyboard shortcuts shave off the seconds it […]

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