Relationships Between Acounts – Custom Object Solution

I’ve created a video that demonstrates how to create a custom object that can be used to represent relationships between accounts. This is specifically for account to account relationships, rather than a relationship where the same contact is associated with multiple accounts. This is also different than the Partners object which allows for creating a […]

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Report on Average Deal Size

It’s important to know the total size of your pipeline and the individual deal size. It’s also useful to look at the average deal size of your opportunities. You can report on the overall average size of deals in the pipeline, but it’s probably more helpful to drill down by opportunity product, owner, or region. […]

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How to Verify a Salesforce Credential
salesforce credential verification

My days of having my driver’s license scrutinized by the grocery store clerk to check for authenticity of my birth date are behind me. ¬†Occasionally they will scan my license into the POS system and verify it that way. ¬†I think it’s more an act of habit, than someone actually thinking I’m a 19 year […]

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