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What is a Marketing Content Inventory?

First of all, good of you for reading this article.  Even exploring the idea of doing a content inventory puts you way ahead in the marketing game.  A marketing content inventory is catalog of all the marketing content you have developed.  It’s usually done in a spreadsheet format.  For each piece of content you can define the title, description, type, owner, last revision date, and action you need to take on the item.

Why is it Important?

Although taking an inventory of your content sounds like the kind of chore you want to pass off to a younger sibling so you can play video games, it’s actually totally worthwhile and will end up really helping you.  The marketing inventory helps you:

  • Keep track of your marketing content so you don’t recreate work making content that already exists
  • Allows you find marketing content that needs to be retired or revised.  I think it’s pretty safe to say that “How to Prepare for Y2K” post can be safely removed at this point.
  • Helps you find content to use for your marketing campaigns
  • Establishes ownership over content items.  This is especially helpful when you have a large marketing team and you need to account for turnover.
  • Identifies missing content that needs to be created.

Who Should Do It?

A marketing content inventory is best done as a collaborative process through a shared spreadsheet.  A marketing coordinator or intern can take the first pass by going through your website and marketing campaigns to isolate the names, types, locations and last revision date of content .  Higher level marketing team members can define the owner of the content and whether or not the content needs to be removed, revised or retained.

How to use it with Pardot?

A marketing content inventory is going to be crucial when creating drip lead nurturing campaigns.  You can use the content to build the drip programs and send the right content to the right type of prospect.

When to do it?

Now.  The content inventory is a journey, not a destination.  Queue the motivation music, please.  You should do the content inventory now, and revisit it whenever you create new marketing content.  You can make an event on your calendar to update it once a quarter.  It can also become part of your process flow for publishing new content.  You don’t have have a process flow or updating your content?  Ok, we’ll get to that in another blog post.

Content Inventory Template

I’ve have a super non-intimidating content inventory spreadsheet that I use.  If some of the columns don’t apply to you, just skip them.  Remember, you are a superstar for even attempting a content inventory.  Fill out your details below and I’ll email you the template.

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