What are Kindle Deals?

Every month Amazon feature a number of Kindle books at a discounted rate.  Before getting to know the deals, I had always assumed these were books that sold poorly or were flops.  On closer inspection there are some real gems in the bunch.  I usually borrow my kindle books from the library.  However, most of the popular titles at the library have a wait period and expire after 21 days. I don’t remember the last time I had the chance to finish a book in less than three weeks.  Mom-life, am I right?

September Recommendations

These are the books I’ve already read and think are great or I intend to download.

Vagina by Naomi Wolf -$1.99

Because, hello, the name of the book is “Vagina”.  I wonder if this title is more popular as a Kindle book because the title of the book is hidden from view when reading in public.  I’ve read many of Naomi’s publications but never a full on book. This seems like a great place to start!

“A brilliant and nuanced synthesis of physiology, history, and cultural criticism, Vagina explores the physical, political, and spiritual implications for women—and for society as a whole—in this startling series of new scientific breakthroughs from a writer whose conviction and keen intelligence have propelled her works to the tops of bestseller lists, and firmly into the realm of modern classics.”


 My Cross to Bear, Gregg Allman, $1.99

Much to the disappointment of my husband, I don’t know much about the Allman Brothers.  I’m hoping this book will extend my trivia beyond knowing they they were rambling men.

“For the first time, rock music icon Gregg Allman, one of the founding members of The Allman Brothers Band, tells the full story of his life and career in My Cross to Bear. No subject is taboo, as one of the true giants of rock ’n’ roll opens up about his Georgia youth, his long struggle with substance abuse, his string of bad marriages (including his brief union with superstar Cher), the tragic death of  brother Duane Allman, and life on the road in one of rock’s most legendary bands.”


Have you read these books?  Leave your quick review in the comments.


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