It’s important to know the total size of your pipeline and the individual deal size. It’s also useful to look at the average deal size of your opportunities. You can report on the overall average size of deals in the pipeline, but it’s probably more helpful to drill down by opportunity product, owner, or region.

In most opportunity reports, the Amount column is summarized by Sum to give the total amount of the pipeline and the total amount of each stage. The sum of the Amount field will display at the top of the report, at each stage level, and then a grand total at the bottom of the report. You can use the toggles switches below the report to turn the total and sub-total on and off.

pipeline report summarized by amount

You can also summarize any numeric field (like the “Amount” field) by Average as well. When editing the report, click on the column you want to summarize and tick the box by “Average”.

selecting average checkbox to summarize field

Notice that you can choose more than one way to summarize a field on a single report.

Now our report shows both the sum of the Amount field for each stage and the average of the Amount field for each stage. (I’ve hidden the detail rows of the report on this version).

pipeline report with average amount

I don’t recommend adding all the summary types (sum, average, max, and min) because the additional sub-total columns and rows can be distracting.

Reports you may run using the “Average” summary:
– Average size of deal per sales rep
– Average size of deal per sales team
– Average size of deal per region
– Average size of deal per product or product family
– Average size of deal per fiscal period


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2 thoughts to “Report on Average Deal Size


    Are you able to take that average and visualize it with a gauge?

    • susanmetz

      Yes, any summary metric value in a report can be used as the value for a gauge component.


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