3186816411_9cf29575fa_zI am a Gmail Power User and I actively drop the fact that I had a Gmail address back in the day when you needed a special invitation.  I move like a jaguar through the screens, settings and labels.  My stealth skills are mostly due to using keyboard shortcuts shave off the seconds it takes to move my hand on the mouse.  I like to think I’m also doing right by the ergonomic gods. Here are my go-to Gmail keyboard shortcuts.  These work in both gmail.com and inbox.google.com.


1.Skip to CC  Field – CTRL + SHIFT + C The new design of inbox.google.com uses mininimialism to hide unnecessary fields.  If you want to expose cc or bcc  you need to click on the small text links below the “To” field.  This shortcut saves me a lot of time when adding multiple primary readers, carbon copied reader and blind carbon copied readers. Side Note: Do you have extra carbon paper from the eighties?  Here is a tutorial on how to use carbon paper to make fake tattoos.

Use Carbon Paper for Fake Tattoos Step 4
Source: http://www.wikihow.com/Use-Carbon-Paper-for-Fake-Tattoos

2. Skip to BCC Field – CTRL + SHIFT + B This keyboard shortcuts works the same as the one above but it takes you directly to the BCC field.

3. Archive – Y When my husband answers email he says he is “doing email”.  I always thought this sounded like something my technically challenged Mom would say.  Then I actually watched him “doing email” and I saw that instead of passively reading the messages, he was actually taking an action with each email he read.  There are a lot of time management techniques for email.  They are all based in the idea that when you get an email (task) you should delete it, archive it, respond, assign it someone else, or schedule a time to something about it.  The good old archive button is a great way to clean your email box of emails that do not require an action or that you have already responded to. This is a good box about time management that can be applied to email.


4.  View all messages with Label XYZ – ‘g’ + ‘l’ + “xyz” If you have been using your Gmail account for years, it helps to organize your messages with labels.  The quickest way to browse the contents of a label is to use this keyboard shortcut.  when you ‘g’ and ‘l’ your cursor is automatically taken to the search box and you can then search for the label name.  You can also enter a keyword so that you can search within that label for the keyword.

5. Add a monkey face to a chat message –    :(|)


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