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The Spirit Halloween Stores are staffing up and the factories that make those fake spider webs are in full production!  My favorite type of Halloween costume is on the reflects the zeitgeist of the time.  Think the “Monica Lewinsky” costume of 1998 or the Fireman costume of 2011.  These costumes probably can’t be recycled, but they will probably inspire some good conversations at your local Halloween Party.

Here are some of my ideas for Halloween costumes inspired by the 2015 headlines.

Ashley Madison

In 2015 hackers broke into and published the personal information of thousands of users.  Ashley Madison is a dating website for married people who are looking to have an affair.  Supposedly the site is made to be attractive to women because the rule of dating apps is that if you bring the women, the men will come.

For your Ashley Madison costume, I recommend dressing up as a sexy lady with an “Ashley Madison” nametag.  Throughout the night, you will need to bring your finger to your lips in the sexy shushing motion of the website’s cover model.


Ashley Madison Halloween Costume

Here are some props for your costume:

  • Pink Lipstick
  • Long brunette wig
  • Wedding band (or better yet, wedding tan line)
  • Name tag sticker







Compton 1988 Costume


Compton, Circa 1988 – Group Costume

If you want to dress up with a group, I recommend taking inspiration from the fashion in the 2015 “Straight Outta Compton” movie about the rise and fall of N.W.A.  Don’t even attempt this costume if you can’t name all the songs and the song order on the original 1988 album.


  • Black clothing
  • Air Force 1 shoes
  • Gold chain
  • Dickies
  • N.W.A hat or beanie


Gender Neutral Building Set from Target

gender neutral building setIn 2015 Target (one of my happy places) phased our product categories specific to genders like “Boy’s Bedding” or “Girls’ Building Sets”.  If you wear this costume, expect to be engaged in some heated debates about gender stereotypes.  If you don’t want to talk you can always pretend you are one of those lego guys with no ears. lego-37541_640


  • Shirt or sweatshirt with red bull’s eye
  • Yellow colored lego blocks attached to shirt
  • A sign that says “Girls’ Building Set” with the “Girls'” part crossed out


I hope you like my ideas!  I’ll post some more Halloween ideas soon.  Share your own ideas in the comments below.






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